Client Credential Management service API documentation version v1


  • schema: required (one of http, https - default: http)
  • host: required (string - default: localhost)
  • version: required (v1)

Plain credentials

Operations on client plain credentials.

/plain-credentials get

get /plain-credentials

Returns a list of plain client credentials in the scope of the requested tenant.

Secured by OAuth 2.0 with scopes:
  • tenant:plain-credentials:read on tenant-system resource

CCM supports OAuth 2.0 for authenticating most API requests.

HTTP status code 200


Media type: application/json

Type: array of PlainCredential

Items: PlainCredential

  • state: required (one of Active, Inactive, Suspended, Revoked)

    Client credentials state.

    • `Active` - The credentials are valid for use. They have been used at least once.
    • `Inactive` - The credentials are valid for use. They have not been used by any client yet.
    • `Suspended` - The credentials are suspended and cannot be used now.
    • `Revoked` - The credentials are no longer usable.

  • username: required (string)

    Unique username (login).

  • createdDate: required (datetime)

    Credentials creation time and date in ISO 8601 format.

  • updatedDate: (datetime)

    Last time when the credentials were updates in ISO 8601 format.


    "username": "UserA",
    "state": "Inactive",
    "createdDate": "2020-03-01T12:47:02.247Z",
    "updatedDate": "2020-04-17T12:00:01.311Z"
    "username": "UserB",
    "state": "Active",
    "createdDate": "2020-04-02T12:47:02.247Z",
    "updatedDate": "2020-04-12T13:00:01.311Z"
    "username": "UserC",
    "state": "Suspended",
    "createdDate": "2020-05-03T12:47:02.247Z",
    "updatedDate": "2020-05-12T12:00:01.311Z"

Secured by OAuth 2.0


  • Authorization: (string)

    Used to send a valid OAuth 2 access token. Example: "Authorization: Bearer 'access_token'" where 'access_token' must be replaced by a valid OAuth access token. This header is needed only if API authentication is enabled for the service.