All Kaa services, including PBM, are distributed as Helm charts. You can run these charts using Kubernetes.

Helm values


Kaa Platform: Backup service

Current chart version is 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT

Source code can be found here

Chart Requirements

Repository Name Version
@kaa service-chart 0.0.6

Chart Values

Key Type Default Description
concurrencyPolicy string "Forbid"  
config object {"backup":{"schedule":"0 0 * * *"},"namespace":"","releaseName":"","restore":{"backupDate":"","run":false,"sourceNamespace":""}} Service config
deployment.annotations object {}  
env object {}  
failedJobsHistoryLimit int 3  
fullnameOverride string ""  
global.image.pullSecrets list [] List of image pull secret names. Each must be defined as a record with the name field. Overrides image.pullSecrets.
global.mariadb.existingSecret string "-mariadb"  
global.opendistro.password string "admin"  
global.opendistro.username string "admin"  
global.postgresql.existingSecret string "-postgresql"  
global.s3.existingSecret string "-s3-credentials"  
image.pullPolicy string "Always" Docker image pull policy.
image.pullSecrets list [] List of image pull secret names. Each must be defined as a record with the name field.
image.repository string "" Docker image repository image URL.
image.tag string "" Docker image tag version to pull and run.
metadata.component string "backend"  
metadata.partOf string "kaa"  
nameOverride string ""  
restartPolicy string "Never"  
serviceAccount.annotations object {}  
successfulJobsHistoryLimit int 3  
terminationMessagePolicy string "FallbackToLogsOnError" Kubernetes termination message policy.
updateStrategy.type string "RollingUpdate" Deployment update strategy.

Environment variables

The table below summarizes the variables supported by the PBM Docker image and provides default values along with descriptions.

Variable name Default value Description
AWS_DEFAULT_REGION   AWS default region that snapshots will be uploaded to.
AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID   AWS access key ID.
AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY   AWS secret access key.
MARIADB_ROOT_PWD   MariaDB root password used to backup MariaDB.
POSTGRES_ROOT_PWD   PostgreSQL root password used to backup PostgreSQL.
OPENDISTRO_USERNAME   Open Distro username used to backup Open Distro.
OPENDISTRO_PASSWORD   Open Distro password used to backup Open Distro.