Branding customization

WD supports customization of the tenant’s branding settings, which include the following:

Branding customization sections

Logo and company name

It is possible to upload a logo to be used for the WD menu as well as the login page.

Logo settings

There are two types of a logo used in WD: a short view and a full view.

Logo full

Logo full

A full logo view is also applied to the WD login page.

Logo login page


WD branding functionality enables the user to set the favicon image:

Favicon settings

Login page

Login page settings enable the user to customize a background image for the login page:

Login page settings

As a result, the login page receives the desirable branded look:

Login page


The following two settings belong to the theme customization:

Theme settings

Refer to the theme color system section for the detailed guide on the WD color system customization.

How to apply custom branding

When the branding settings are modified, the updated branding is first displayed in the preview mode. In order to confirm the changes, click ‘Save’.

Save branding

To revert to the defaults, click ‘Restore to defaults’. Restore branding