File management

WD allows the user to upload files to the application. File management functionality in WD is baked with help of an open-source object storage called MinIO. WD administration sidebar contains a link to access MinIO UI which provides file management.


All the images used in the WD configuration like branding, dashboards and widgets are stored in a tenant’s personal bucket. There are two types of buckets used within file management feature: with public read access as well with a private one.

MinIO interface

File management functionality enables the user to upload a file and create a new bucket.

File management settings

By means of the file management feature the user can share, preview, download and delete file or bucket.

File management settings

How to use uploaded files

WD supports uploading images for configuring widgets, dashboards and branding.

File upload

The file is applied to the WD configuration right after the upload and the user can observe it in the user’s bucket in the file management interface. The user can share this file using a shareable link.

Shareable link of file

Then, this link can be used in subsequent configuration of branding, dashboards and widgets.

Link usage