Chart Requirements

Repository Name Version
@kaa service-chart 0.0.7

Chart Values

Key Type Default Description
affinity object {}  
annotations.deployment object {}  
annotations.pod object {}  
env object {} Defines the environment variables that Kubernetes passes to the service replica.
extraInitContainers list []  
extraPodSpecs.automountServiceAccountToken bool false  
extraVolumeMounts list []  
extraVolumes list [] Defines extra volumes and mounts.
fullnameOverride string ""  
global.image.pullSecrets list [] List of image pull secret names. Each must be defined as a record with the name field. Overrides image.pullSecrets.
global.monitoring.enabled bool false  
global.nats.url string "" NATS URL. Overrides nats.url.
image.pullPolicy string "Always" Docker image pull policy.
image.pullSecrets list [] List of image pull secret names. Each must be defined as a record with the name field.
image.repository string "" Docker image repository image URL.
image.tag string "" Docker image tag version to pull and run.
ingress.annotations object {}  
ingress.enabled bool false  
ingress.hosts[0] string "chart-example.local"  
ingress.paths list []  
ingress.tls list []  
metadata.component string "backend"  
metadata.partOf string "kaa"  
nameOverride string ""  
nats.auth.enabled bool false  
nats.enabled bool true Enables NATS dependency. For detailed info refer
nats.url string "nats://-nats-client:4222" NATS URL.
nats.urlOverride string "" NATS URL. Overrides global.nats.url and nats.url.
nodeSelector object {}  
probes.enabled bool false Enables liveness, readiness, and startup probes for containers.
probes.liveness.initialDelaySeconds int 300  
probes.liveness.periodSeconds int 3  
probes.readiness.periodSeconds int 1  
replicaCount int 1 The number of service instance replicas to run.
resources object {}  
securityContext object {}  
service.externalIPs list []  
service.loadBalancerIP string ""  
service.port int 3000  
service.type string "ClusterIP"  
tolerations list []  
updateStrategy.type string "RollingUpdate" Deployment update strategy.
waitContainers.curl.image string ""  
waitContainers.curl.tag string "0.0.2"  
waitContainers.enabled bool true Wait for dependency services.
waitContainers.timeout int 300 Wait timeout for dependency services in seconds.

The keys with no description are standard Kubernetes values. Refer to the official Kubernetes documentation for more information on these.

Environment variables

The table below summarizes the variables supported by the RSX Docker image and provides default values along with descriptions.

Variable name Default value Description
NATS_URLS "nats://" NATS connection URLs.
LOG_LEVEL "INFO" Service logging level.
RSX_PORT 8000 Service port.
MAX_RECORD_COUNT 150000 Maximum size of stored messages available for status observing.