Welcome to the Kaa documentation. Here you can find all technical information related to Kaa products.

This page describes how Kaa documentation is structured and what kind of information it contains.
If you need to figure out where to navigate to find information, read below.

Kaa documentation

Kaa concepts →

  • This section explains at a high level the general concepts used in the Kaa documentation.
  • It describes the constituent parts of Kaa platform and how they work together.
  • If you are new to Kaa, this is the place you might want to start from.

Features →

  • Learn about the Kaa platform features and how to use them.

Architecture overview →

  • An in-depth technical description of Kaa platform architecture.
  • If you already know Kaa basics and/or have some developer experience, you might want to dive into this one.

Components →

  • All Kaa services are documented here. Click the Components button at the top of the page to access the documentation.
  • You will find information on how to configure and deploy any of the Kaa services.
  • Kaa service API documentation.

Tutorials →

  • Practical examples on how to work with Kaa in different use cases.

Kaa RFCs →

  • This is Kaa team’s repository that contains Kaa RFCs—most of them describe interface protocols that define how services exchange data in a Kaa deployment.