Getting started

Getting started tutorials are a great place to begin exploring the capabilities of the Kaa IoT platform. A series of quick to complete guides will walk you through the main Kaa features and how to start using them. We suggest that you follow getting started tutorials in sequence to get the most out of each.

# Tutorial Description
1 Connecting your first device Connect a simulated device to the Kaa platform, submit some metadata attributes, and view them in the Kaa web interface.
2 Collecting data from a device Collect telemetry data from a simulated device to the Kaa platform. You will learn how to transform collected data into well-structured time series using the auto-extraction feature and visualize it on the Kaa web interface.
3 Sending commands to device Send commands to device, execute it and view the command execution result on Kaa UI.
4 Open Distro alerting Get notified via Slack when certain telemetry value from the endpoint exceeds defined threshold.
5 Email alerting Get notified via email when certain telemetry value from the endpoint exceeds defined threshold.
6 Authenticating client with SSL/TLS certificate Connect a device over one-way and two-way (mutual) MQTT over SSL/TLS. Authenticate device with X.509 certificate.
7 User management Find out how to add new user, manage its permissions and restrict user access to applications, endpoints, dashboards.
8 Custom web dashboard Find out how to implement a web dashboard (interface) in vanilla JavaScript that integrates with the Kaa IoT platform.
9 Custom widget Find out how to connect and use a custom plugin widget in the Kaa web UI.